How do I get a rider’s forgotten item back from a CareDriver?

While all our CareDrivers try to make sure riders leave with everything they entered the car with, sometimes an item is forgotten.

If your rider has left an item in a CareDriver’s car and you agree to share you information with the CareDriver, we will provide it to them for you two to setup a plan to return the lost item to you or your rider.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your information with the CareDriver we can help facilitate the return in two ways:

  1. We can create a new ride in your account with your lost item as the passenger and assign it to the CareDriver so they can bring it to your home
  2. HopSkipDrive helps facilitate the item being returned to our office and then mailed to your home or prefered location at your expense

To begin any of the above processes, please email us at

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