How do I get additional booster seats?

Some rides require more than one booster seat. Make sure you are prepared by making arrangements to get an extra booster seat before claiming the ride. Here are a couple of ways to get additional boosters:

  1. Stop by our headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles -- make sure to let us know when you’ll be coming in ahead of time by emailing
  2. Purchase on your own and submit for reimbursement (up to $20): Please email your receipt to We recommend the Cosco booster seats from Walmart.

If you do not have enough boosters for a ride, please do not claim the ride. If you have already claimed the ride, you will need to get enough boosters to complete the ride. Not having the correct number of boosters puts the safety of your riders at risk.

Contact a few days in advance and we can order a booster to your local Target or Walmart for you to pick up before your ride.

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