How do I get additional booster seats?

Some rides require more than one booster seat. Make sure you are prepared by making arrangements to get an extra booster seat before claiming the ride. Here are a couple of ways to get additional boosters:

Where can I buy booster seats?

Target, Walmart and Amazon are great resources to obtain booster seats. You can pick them up in store or get them shipped to your home. Below are HopSkipDrive’s recommendations for booster seats:  

Walmart: Cosco Backless Booster (Avg. cost is $7- $11)  

Target: Graco Backless Booster (Same-day pick-up)

Amazon: Cosco Backless Booster (2-Day Delivery with a Prime account)


What type of booster seats are permitted?

Cosco, Graco and Harmony are highly recommended, although other reputable brands are also acceptable. The booster seat must be backless and in good condition.


Will I be reimbursed?

Safety is the number one priority at HopSkipDrive, which is why we always provide CareDrivers with one booster seat during the onboarding process. If additional booster seats are required for upcoming rides, HopSkipDrive does not reimburse for the cost of additional booster seats. We encourage all Car drivers to exercise professionalism and prepare their vehicles to deliver the best customer service possible, as independent contractors.


What happens if I can’t obtain an additional booster?

Ensuring that every ride is done safely is a top priority at HopSkipDrive. If you are not able to obtain the right amount of boosters to safely complete a ride, please DO NOT complete the ride and let the HopSkipDrive support team know right away by calling (844) 467-7547. Transporting a rider 8 years old or younger without a booster seat will lead to the immediate deactivation of your CareDriver Account.  Please call support ASAP if you cannot obtain sufficient booster seats for your ride.


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