Keeping your documents up to date

HopSkipDrive will need to keep current CareDriver records on file. When your current documents expire, you will be required to send updated documents. It is not only important to stay up to date, it is also required by State law. Prior to the expiration date of any of the following documents, please them email to

These include:

      1. Driver’s License
      2. Vehicle Registration
      3. Copy of insurance policy covering vehicle (MUST include CareDriver name)
      4. Annual Vehicle Inspection
  • A copy of the vehicle inspection form can be found here
  • HopSkipDrive is excited to partner with Meineke to offer an easy solution for completing your annual vehicle inspection. Visit one of the following locations to receive your complimentary vehicle inspection. We recommend calling ahead to make an appointment, letting them know that you are with HopSkipDrive, and printing out the form before heading to the Meineke.
  • If you are unable to visit a Meineke shop, you may take the inspection form to any state certified mechanic to have it completed. Please note that HopSkipDrive will ONLY reimburse up to $25.00 for inspections completed at locations other than approved Meineke locations.
  • If you have questions about the documents currently on file, please email
Have more questions? Submit a request or call (844) 467-7547