How do I adjust who can claim my rides?

There are two ways to adjust who can view your ride requests and claim your rides.

The first way to is to block a CareDriver you’ve already worked with from viewing any of your future ride requests. After your rider’s HopSkipDrive ride is complete, you will be prompted to leave a star rating of the trip. You can also click on the completed rides in you app and click on the ride you’d like to leave feedback for.


If you give the CareDriver a one-star rating, the next screen will ask if you’d like to block the CareDriver.



The second way to adjust who can view and claim your rides is within your rider’s profile. To do so click on the sandwich bar/ menu in the top left corner of the screen and select "Profile".


From your profile, click Riders on the upper right side.



From Riders, you can select the Rider for which you would like to change the preference. Cycle through the pages by clicking “Next” until you reach the page that asks about boosters, the front seat and CareDrivers. You can specify which CareDrivers will be able to view your ride requests by checking “Male”, “Female”, or “Both”.


Please be aware that by selecting an option other than "Both", you will reduce the number of CareDrivers who will see your ride, which will impact the likelihood of you finding a CareDriver.  

Each and every CareDriver passes a rigorous 15 point certification process that includes a background check and fingerprinting before they are allowed to drive for HopSkipDrive. To read more about this certification process click HERE.

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