The CareDriver Success Card


Every Monday, CareDrivers who were active during the week prior (Monday - Sunday) will receive their Success Card via email.

The goal of the CareDriver Success Card is to provide you with your weekly stats to help give you a sense of how you’re doing week over week.  We know CareDrivers like to go that extra mile to surpass their personal track records with HopSkipDrive, and the feedback in your Success Card  will help you to do just that.

Your CareDriver Success Card will include the following items:

Completed rides and families helped

This is the number of rides you completed.

Fares from completed and/or canceled rides

This is the amount you earned from rides completed and/or canceled by a ride organizer.

Learn more about our cancellation policy here.


Additional Earnings

Additional earnings are individual items added to your weekly pay.

    • Additional earnings can include, but are not limited to:  
      • Note: New families and CareDriver referral bonuses are paid out once a month.  If you have an inquiry about a recent referral, please email
      • Bridge toll or parking reimbursement
      • Vehicle inspection (up to $25 for your first inspection only)
      • Non-referral based incentives bonuses
      • Ride-related additional payment

On-time arrival rate

This percentage is calculated by the number of rides you completed to which you arrived on time. The easiest way to keep your on-time arrival rating high is to leave early and plan on arriving a few minutes early.

Example: If you were on time to 5 out of 5 rides, you would have a 100% on-time arrival rate. If you were late to 1 out of 5 rides, your on-time arrival rate that week would be 80%.

Extremely late to pickup

We take extreme lateness very seriously at HopSkipDrive. Arriving late to a pickup by 15 minutes or more, constitutes as an extremely late pick up, which jeopardizes a rider’s safety. Consistent violations like this threaten the safety of our riders and could lead to the deactivation of your CareDriver account.

Canceled rides

Your canceled ride percentage is calculated based on the number of rides you accepted, but chose to cancel. For example, if you had 6 rides in a week and canceled 1, your cancellation rate would be 17%. As you know, once you claim a ride, the ride organizer gets a notification with our name and car information and shares the information with their riders and schools. When you cancel a ride, the ride organizer must notify everyone again that their CareDriver has been replaced. This can be confusing for riders and schools.

We understand that there may be times when you have to cancel a ride, but minimizing ride cancellations is critical for reliability. Please let us know by calling our support team as soon as possible if you need to cancel a ride so we can ensure that ride gets claimed by another CareDriver. If cancellations become a regular occurrence, your CareDriver account may be permanently deactivated.

Please Note: Ride organizer cancellations are not included in your cancellation rate.

Rides canceled last minute (if applicable):

A last minute cancellation is any ride you cancel within 24 hours of the pickup time. This can also include a ride you’re running extremely late to that then needs to be claimed by another CareDriver who is closer to the pickup location. Last minute cancellations create a poor experience and negatively affect riders, ride organizers, and the HopSkipDrive team.  

Family Feedback

Family feedback is an optional step after a ride has been completed. As soon as you complete a ride, the organizer receives a prompt to rate their ride experience and provide feedback. This is done by selecting 1, 2, or 3 star(s). Written feedback is not required when a ride organizer rates a ride. If a ride organizer rates a ride and does not leave written feedback, HopSkipDrive is unable to provide additional information regarding that rating.

3-stars: Super-happy

2-stars: Happy

1-star: Unhappy (Most likely means a ride organizer blocked you from their account).


Safety Insights

HopSkipDrive is proud to share that CareDrivers are some of the safest drivers on the road. We know that safety is as important to you as it is to us, which is why we're now providing CareDrivers with more comprehensive safety insights. Learn more about safety insights here.

What is a Safety Score?

Your safety score is calculated from the driving events detected during your trips. Driving events are detected by the sensors in your phone through the HopSkipDrive CareDriver app. Trips are automatically detected when the vehicle travels at least 6 mph for a distance of 1,500 feet.

How do I get a great score?

Each trip begins with a score of 100. A trip is considered safe if there are no events indicating unsafe driving. The longer a trip is, the higher the score can be, if there are no events.


How are driving events such as “phone use,” “speeding,” "hard braking,”and “rapid accelerations" defined?


How is this information collected?

  • The HopSkipDrive CareDriver app uses sensors in the phone such as the GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope to track trips.

When is this data being collected?

  • Trip tracking, or data collection, begins when you select the “Check in” button in the CareDriver app to begin a trip. Only data collected after you select the “I’m on my way” button contributes to your Safety Score. Trip tracking, or data collection, ends when you drop off the last passenger and selects the “I completed this ride” button.


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