What is ShuttlePass?

Like a modern school bus, ShuttlePass is a new service that allows parents, guardians, or organizations to pre-purchase a set of rides that will always have the same pickup and the same dropoff (for example, from a school to a neighborhood dropoff point for the entire school year). ShuttlePass is great for groups who need ride and price consistency. Don’t see a pass for your school or organization? Let us know and we’ll see if we can get one set up.

Today, ShuttlePass is limited to set pickup and set destination rides, which is perfect for groups of riders who start and end at the same locations. Each ShuttlePass will include a series of rides on a set schedule and route. Similar to the school bus, when you purchase a ShuttlePass you will have access to a ride each day within the pass’s schedule. You pay upfront to purchase for the whole semester or school year, and your rider will have a guaranteed seat every day.  Oh, and even though it's called a "ShuttlePass", it's not an actual shuttle.  ShuttlePass riders are transported via a CarDriver's car (certified by a professional mechanic).

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