How do I know if a rider can sit in the front passenger seat?

If there is a rider on your ride that is allowed to sit in the front seat, you will see that information in the pickup instructions that appear in your app. If no one is allowed, please make sure all riders are in the back seats unless they are eligible for the front seat.

Riders 8 or under are never allowed in the front seat during a HopSkipDrive ride. Riders older than 8 are allowed in the front seat of vehicles with parent permission. If there are 4 riders, CareDrivers must provide a front seat to eligible passengers. If there are fewer than 4 riders, we leave it to the CareDriver's discretion as to when to allow an eligible rider in the front seat. When making this determination we remind all CareDrivers that the the children we provide rides for have had a wide variety of experiences ranging from the mundane to the traumatic so we ask for as much flexibility as you are able to provide.

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