What if there is an accident while I’m on a ride?

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, first and foremost make sure you and riders are safely pulled to the side of the road then call emergency responders (as necessary) and the HopSkipDrive live support team at (844) 467-7547. We will contact the ride organizers immediately to let them know what happened and next steps.

Steps to take during an accident:

  1. Pull to a safe area and stop your vehicle
  2. Check on all riders
  3. Contact emergency responders (as necessary)
  4. Exchange information
    1. Driver’s License
    2. Insurance (provide the HopSkipDrive insurance certificate)
    3. Vehicle Registration/License plate numbers
    4. Make, model and year of the vehicles involved
  5. Document the scene
    1. Location of the accident
    2. Details of what happened
    3. Take photos of damage
  6. After the accident scene has been resolved, provide all necessary information to HopSkipDrive by emailing driversupport@hopskipdrive.com 
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