Why is the mileage charging for a longer distance than when I drive it myself?

We ask that each CareDriver use Google Maps navigation. We have found that it is the gold standard for ensuring that your rider gets to their destination as safely and quickly as possible. We also base our fare estimates on Google Maps. This is intended to set the best expectations for the ride's time and mileage. This is just an estimate, though, and can change based on traffic conditions on that day.

Google Maps will choose the "optimal" route in the moment for the CareDriver. It measures the best route based on time (faster) rather than mileage (shorter distance). So it's possible the route Google chose was longer in terms of mileage than some other routes.

If you have a preferred route you'd like the CareDriver to take, please add it to the pickup notes for your ride (because the CareDriver sees it before they begin driving). The driver will do their best to follow your instructions. Please avoid turn-by-turn directions because it's unsafe for the CareDriver to read while driving. It's better to use more general guidelines like "take the 110 to the 10, do not take surface streets."

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