What to do if there is an non-medical incident or emergency on a ride?

HopSkipDrive is committed to providing a safe environment for both riders and CareDrivers. Open, honest communication between CareDrivers, families and Customer Support is a critical part of maintaining a safe environment. Should an emergency occur while on a ride, remain calm and assess the nature of the emergency. Put your years of experience to work and respond based on the severity of the emergency.

The following table provides step-by-step guidance for handling non-emergency incidents and emergency situations:



What should I do?

Urgent Medical Emergency

An injury due to a motor vehicle accident.

Call 911 first, then parents and HopSkipDrive Customer Support

Non-Urgent Medical Emergency

Rider is experiencing motion sickness and throws up in your vehicle.

Call parents and email Customer Support within 24 hours.

Behavioral Non-Medical Emergency

Rider is disruptive and not complying with HopSkipRules.

Call parents first then email details to Customer Support within 24 hours.

CareDriver Urgent (Non-Medical Emergency)

Car trouble with rider present (e.g., flat tire, keys locked in car)

Call Customer Support ASAP

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