What happens the day of the ride?

We have a guide that will help you know what to expect the day of your ride. To view it, please click here.

When you are scheduling your HopSkipDrive ride, please leave detailed notes about your pickup and drop off locations. This is your chance to tell your CareDriver exactly what you want them to do upon arrival or departure. You can even let the CareDriver know that you’d like them to park and escort your child in or out of the location.You'll also have the option of uploading a photo of your rider to their profile in your HopSkipDrive account. Having a photo of your rider can help your CareDriver find your child the pickup, but is not a requirement. We do require that you create a secret code word for your rider. You rider should know the code word on the day of the ride so they can confirm it with their CareDriver.

When a CareDriver claims your ride, you will be notified by both text and email and you'll be able to visit your HopSkipDrive account to view their picture, their full name, a picture of their car, their license plate number, and a short bio about them. We recommend showing your rider this information so they know who to expect. If your pickup location has any security protocols, please understand that it is your responsibility to notify them accordingly.

On the day of the ride, the CareDriver will have the HopSkipDrive decals on their car and they will be wearing a bright orange HopSkipDrive t-shirt. When the CareDriver and rider connect, the CareDriver will say the secret code word to the rider to confirm the CareDriver’s identity.

You'll be able to track the ride using your HopSkipDrive app. Just click on the ride and you'll be able to watch the progress of the CareDriver's car on a little map. When your CareDriver checks in for your ride, you'll also be able to call or text them using the HopSkipDrive app. Please keep in mind that CareDrivers don’t text or talk on the phone while driving, so their responses may be delayed.

Both you and the rider (if you entered their cell phone number in their rider profile) will receive text updates about your CareDriver's status before and during the ride from a masked number. You'll know when the CareDriver has checked in, started driving, arrived, picked up your rider, and dropped off your rider.

If at any time you have a question or concern about your ride and cannot connect with the CareDriver, please feel free to call our Live Operations Team at 844-467-7547 (Choose the option for ride organizers and then option 1). The Live Operations Team monitors every ride in real time and is available to assist you.

Have more questions? Submit a request or call (844) 467-7547