I don’t have a CareDriver for my ride, what do I do?

HopSkipDrive rides are matched a week in advance at the earliest. CareDrivers can claim your ride anytime between the creation of the ride and 30 minutes before pickup time. Generally rides are claimed at least the day before.

In the rare occurrence that your ride has not been claimed by a CareDriver the night before the ride, we notify you by both text and email at 8pm. We'll also update you at 9am via text the day of the ride. While your ride is unclaimed, you can cancel it at any time without charge.  If you do not cancel the ride, it will remain available for claiming until 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. We will notify you at that point if your ride has not been claimed.

The above situation is unusual. Most rides will be claimed well in advance of the ride.

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