What are pickup and dropoff notes?

When creating your ride in the app, you can add special instructions for your CareDriver. Please include as much detail as possible in the pick up and drop off instructions. This ensures that your CareDriver will be able to find your child and makes for a smoother ride. 

Some questions to think about when creating your pick up notes: Is there a pick up line at the location? Will the child need to be signed out? Should your CareDriver park? Should your CareDriver go inside? Are there any landmarks your CareDriver can use to locate your child?  If you have specific driving directions for your CareDriver after pick up, please detail them in the pick up notes, as well.

Some questions to think about when creating your drop off notes: should the CareDriver park and walk my child in? Where should the CareDriver park? Has the rider been to this location before? Should the CareDriver follow their instructions? If the location is locked, what should the CareDriver do?

Some parents find it helps to close their eyes and envision visiting the location for the first time.

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